Is 6* carl teams still opb


Just wondering because i have him


Pretty sure they meant green Carl. You know, the free one.


Correct me if I’m wrong.


3 Tyreeses, 1 revive and 1 large bonus to attack leader +whatever else their leader skill has.


I use this Team to counter Carl team and she is crazy i can tell you




Nope you can also win with RNG


I said they’re useful, not they’re the best. If you want to keep saying false things go right ahead, we’ll see who’s gonna run out of statements first (Took over 12 hours for you to respond, so very unlikely it’ll be me).


sorry i dont live on here like you lmao get a life buddy. Youre the one who has 5 stars on every team and cant live without them SMMFH


I have a life. But I check on here to watch people make fools of themselves and argue when I’m bored.


try stepping away from screen for a few hours and maybe you will get a little smarter, probably not but maybe.

Take a break buddy


The only thing you’re right about is me needing to take a break away from my phone. And yet that’s also how nowadays you stay in contact, make job applications, etc.


Doubt you can counter a 5k defense koa with gold mods with a Carl lead and 2 shivas and a Glenn altough it a all green team shiva can be replaced with a ezikal as I’ve seen


Nope you can no matter what. Am I right?


i have a carl team (melee) with hard hitters like rick sandy and anna because i got no tanks so im having to use andrea for now


So what if he wins with 5* it’s not illegal to do that dude least he winning


Carl only good behind shield in the open real easy kill also doesn’t really kill anybody if he didn’t heal 3 would be even worse. Also my gov hits 800-1400 crit hits on greens haha


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