Irrelevant as issue has been solved

Issue solved thankyou GR

Issue solved

Issue solved

How do you think they should have handle it.
Removed your sc pulls.
Removed the extra wood and food.
Returning a used product gets a discount

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Just remove survivors club off my account no?

I refunded it as soon as i got a message from my bank saying i had a pending transaction which was gonna put me in negative on my account

This is really slimy and quite fuked up, so absolutely something i would see scoply doing.

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Well yeah, good, am happy they stuck you with negative balance…your fault

um i would say do not spend money you do not have and this is your fault

Did you even end the SC subscription in the settings of your app store / play store? :joy:

@Kodell, not really slimey just normal business procedure. Otherwise everybody would do these refunds after 3 1/2 weeks of SC.

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Didnt even know it automatically renewed

It clearly states it renews automatically after the trial unless cancelled…

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is just asking people to read what they are buying now just a crazy thought or is there so much blind money to spend and cry after because daddy has a dealership and i want to be the best now

Even if the OP overlooked it would renew, charging your account currency to pay back items or characters, resources, they know how much it was since they put a value to it is ludicrous. They should just remove the items etc… they deemed were gained. Thats just shady what they did. We all know how they over value everything in their game.


Sorry but they set the prices

The issue has been solved scopely removed the negative on my account and took away surviors club so happy days

Where did they land on that #?
Is that how much it costs if you pay with coins?

Probably the difference of x amount days left.

Wow. SMH.

It’s not shady. While I fully disagree with purchasing anything, too many people were making purchases and turning around and getting refunds. Scopley is just trying to stop it.

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