Irony of Thanksgiving with no turkeys.. Fix feast or famine drops plz


I’ve been grinding the feast and famine road maps since it started. I have almost 8000 in corn from drops but only 125 in turkeys in drops (625 total including road map and 1st level up milestone) . I never expected it to be easy due to the prize being benedicts and lilith /Ulysses but the turkey drop rate is ridiculously low. There’s only 3 days left and up to 10 times to claim this prize. I was hoping for at least 3…but at this rate I’ll be barely getting 1 and I’ve heard of many in the same boat. Especially those who aren’t able hit milestones. It is already super time consuming to go through 8 waves for 1 drop.(which I have ran various stages over 50 times) Scopely please increase the drop rate of turkeys before this collection ends.

Feast or famine event

Well lucky you! I’m almost at 10k corn and only had 1 drop of 75 turkey…


I’ve already had 75 turkey drop 4 times.


In the message in game, it says specifically that turkeys and corn will drop.


I’m glad you are fairing better in drops. About how much corn did you get compared to the 4 turkey drops?


Only 75 more than you in drops so not really lucky lol


I currently have 3945 corns and 700 turkeys


Just another showing of their lackluster delivery on events. I’m still hoping the last roadmap stage will be better but as is I’ve stopped grinding.


Ive done about 80 runs or so for about 9000 corn. 3 drops of turkeys for 175. All 3 drops were in a row strangely


@kalishane please look into this issue surely turkey drops should be lower than corn but damn look at how much I’ve been grinding … turkeys should drop a little more almost 10k corn and only 650 turkey including the ones from the 2 stages is just to low and has nothing to do with thanksgiving

Please if possible @kalishane look into this …


You bet


9465 corn done both road maps 0 turkey drops


So much time and adventure energy for a Benedicte and a Lilith or a Ulysses.

I’m skipping my turn :wink:


You might well be right


Best thanksgiving event ever! Actually I’ll be surprised if I get more than 1 pull from this rm


Name calling is very unnecessary. It is possible that may be the intention of the road map, yet something is wrong when there is a 8000 corn to 100 turkey ratio.


So … Bobs. Did you find the magic level that drops more Turkey then any other?

… myself I’ve found that the drop rate of act1 level 8 is a tad lower than the drop rate of act 2 lvl 8 for corn.
However A1.8 has dropped 75x Turkey for me 3 times, while A2.8 has not dropped turkey so far.

I am currently at 8045 / 725 (including first lvl up reward)



I personally only got 2 turkey drops. Both were from stage 8 on the first map. Haven’t come across any on any other stages.


I just did my first pull and don’t expect another at this rate.


Yeah this event is piss poor. Turkeys should drop at a much higher rate or there should be a few thousand more available from events.