iPhone X Support

When will you support iPhone X?

Apart from the game not fitting the screen correctly there is no way to purchase anything. My monthly pass is not going to get renewed.

Do you not want my money???

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Thats not really the point. I have a tablet already but I prefer playing on my phone.

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I work for apple care.

How can I help ma niggi.


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Lmfao, fancy phone…welcome to scopely. take a number,plenty of other things need fixing :see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil:

Theres compatibility issues with most new devices. I have an LG G6 (same as a Galaxy S8) and the game still doesn’t fit the screen properly. You can either have it too big or too small.

We’re just finishing up making the final adjustments for iPhone X support and are hoping to get that out in our last update before the holidays. @Magnetz What’s the issue you’re experiencing with IAP on the X?

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The purchase option pops up outside the screen. The button to click is barely visible and cannot be clicked. Its also oriented as if the phone was in regular “portrait” orientation compared to how the game is played in landsape…if that makes sense. I can send a screenshot if it helps.

Please do =)

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Any update on LG G6? It works fine, it just doesn’t fit the screen properly. You get big black bars either side of the screen. I have just noticed that you can adjust the settings to make the game fit the screen perfectly, but the touch calibration is off. You need to press slightly to the left of where you want to tap

That’s a pretty impressive roster you have there Alex. To answer your question - the changes we’re making to support iPhone X should also fix visual issues on super widescreen Android devices like the G6.

Lol, it’s one of the few screens that doesn’t show my coin balance. Thanks for the update. You get the black bars in compatibility and in standard mode. Previously, wide screen mode was way too big. Now, wide screen fits perfectly but the calibration is incorrect.

I have the X and my purchase option works fine. To make a purchase, where it says double click to make a purchase, you are to actually double click the on/off button on the right side of the phone it pops up near. I apologize if you are experiencing a different issue, but in case this helps at all thought I would share!


OK…I’ll try that but I don’t need to purchase anything right now. The button and the dialog don’t really line up perfectly which threw me off.

Thanks for the tip!

Hiya sorry to bring up a old thread but I’m having this issue on the oneplus 5T the screen very iffy on the right side seams ok on the left. Sometimes it doesn’t respond at all. Are you guys working on a fix for android.