iPhone X Optimization


Since the iPhone X came out, thankfully Apple has a solution for apps like The Walking Dead: Road to Survival that agent yet optimized, but it isn’t exactly pretty. The app runs letterboxed and pillarboxed, leaving a huge amount of black dead space on the screen.

@Kalishane or @CombatDevIl is there any update on when we might expect to see proper iPhone X support?


inb4 anti-Apple comments


I saw this issue and decided to go for the iPhone 8+ because of it.


Once the game is actually optimized properly for the iPhone X I imagine it’ll look spectacular. But it’d be nice to know what sort of timeline we’re looking at for that.


We’re working on it Justin!

It ended up being a bit more than we expected to get it pretty beforehand!

Regarding timeline, lemme check.


I bet I can guess some of the issues you ran up against. Number one with a bullet is probably the fact that the main town interface is so horribly clogged with a frankly absurd number of buttons along the sides and the X’s notch really doesn’t allow for that kind of UI/X clog. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That was a driving reason why I picked up the iPhone X, actually. I figured it was going to force Scopely to clean up some of the UI clutter on the main town screen.

Honestly, the sheer amount of icons here is just unnecessary. XD


lol The faction Assault build helps a bit with that! There are menus for menus now.

Here, take this sparkly naked mole rat >>

He’ll make it better.


I did see that in the 9.0 update some of that has been cleaned up. Mostly just along the left-hand side. Either way, looking forward to a tentative timeline for full iPhone X optimization.


shop and offers icons should add also to war and raid screens… would be so handy on those… not mention those popups too


This is why I was excited for the iPhone X. I knew early on that the notch was going to force Scopely to reconsider the clutter along the sides of the screen.


We’re aiming for mid-December!


Good to know. Any interesting tidbits you can share before then? Tantalizing screen mockups? Anything the UI/X designers would think would be noteworthy to another designer.


Ha ha, you guys have high expectations for such an incompetent team


That was un warranted. I wont flag it cause I’m not childish like you, but I’m sure you don’t need to be told where to take these comments.

And no I am not a Scopely lover, I just enjoy the game and wish to help change the direction this community is heading.


I just want the app to look nice on my shiny new phone. That’s all this thread is about.


Yes its a shame when someone deliberately derails it.

I feel your pain tho, I have a Samsung S8 (yes the better of the 2 brands :wink:) with the same black border issue.


I’m a brutal minimalist so I’m clearly gonna have different goals than a company that wants to monetize as much as physically possible, but I think there’s a middle ground to be found between solid design principles and pushing microtransactions.


Lol but which phone will still be updated in 2-3 years time :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


If you think they are so incompetent then why play the game at all?? Or did you quit already ? Sure it’s not perfect and needs work but there’s still lots of us hoping it will get better and actually enjoy playing it , cheers