iPhone X Compatibility?


With pre-orders for the iPhone X opening up this week, I thought I’d ask @kalishane or any of the other devs if TWD:RTS is going to be compatible. Especially given the fact that with RTS’s current UI/X, there are navigational buttons on both sides of the screen, and would absolutely cross over into where the notch is on the X’s screen.


Sure, it is gonna have top notch graphics. check out this sneak peek.

just kidding, we’re working on to support Iphone X still.


For the people lucky enough to get the iPhone X on release day, will they be able to play the game on their new phone? Or will they need to wait for a future update?


I don’t know how is the feature roadmap for it, I do know we’re working on redoing every screen (which is a lot) in the game to support Iphone X.


I can check on this for you Justin!

Update: We’re working to make sure it is available on Iphone X though it won’t look as pretty until we fully optimise it. We’re expecting there may be a few bumps when run on Iphone X until we identify and fix those as well. Usually happens when a new device like this comes out.

We should definitely start a thread for Iphone X RTS feedback when it’s out.


Just checking up on this since the iPhone X releases this Friday. How is the optimization looking? Will the upcoming 9.0 update roll out with iPhone X support or will iPhone X users not have true app support until later on? And if so, how later are we talking? December? January?


When is the pixel 2 going to get addressed? 3 company replies for a phone not even out and not going to be sold in high amounts but not a peep about fixing Google’s flagship phone?

Here I’ll help you to just one post- Plz help - Screen cut-off on Pixel 2 XL (game unplayable)

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