iOS update in the store to 22.0, bugs the gameplay

But the active dont work on auto with this update



If theres a bug, then why deploy it out then?!

Haven’t updated yet but dunno how long ios will hold not to auto update the game?!

Please clarify if things are working nominal asap!

The bug is that every characther that have ar involvment in the Active skill dont use it.
Like doc, pete, gab etc etc

Oh crap! Another booboo is it?! When is it going to end…ffs!

Thank God I didnt update :sweat:

Will you update the page of known bugs until this is amended?

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sure will, thanks

Yet more buggy new content that nobody wanted with very little testing or quality control. :frowning:

New features should be tested for at least a week or two before being released and only when beta testing players have confirmed that all the major bugs and issues that were found during testing have been fixed.


@Tsarraz - Thanks for the report. The team is aware of this issue and working on a fix.

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