iOS update - game account

I have to update my iPhone from iOS10 to 13 :confused:
I never updated device with iOS so a question for those who have already done it.
What will be with mine game account? I’ll start new game and need account code to restore it or everything should be fine?
And second question. I’ll lost all data like photos, video, line, SMS etc?
I’ve never done this before so please for advice :wink:

Mine just updated the other night automatically and everything seems to be fine.

You loss absolutly zero

I’ve been on iOS 13 for about two weeks now I think. I’ve had zero issues with the game but iOS 13 still need some love.

Good to know, thanks. I saw some info about backup in iTunes because update removing all data, then after update need restore phone with iTunes etc :sweat:
I’ll do backup but hope all will be fine :+1:

they always say that so they cant be accused of anything,

Which device are you on? Which iPhone

It isn’t wrong to create a backup once in awhile through iTunes since we have a lot of important stuff saved on phone‘s hard drive but you don’t need to create a backup for an OS update in advance. Never I’ve had any issues after I did update my iPhone.

iPhone 7 with iOS 10, my first iPhone.
I know is good to make backup sometimes but of course now i have problems with laptop (turn off every 30-40min) and i have to update iOS ASAP because of some apps like bank etc. They dont support ios10 anymore :confused:

You should be perfectly fine then. If it was anything older then asix I would’ve worried. My son runs it on a seven and he had no issues updating to 13 at all.

Cool, many thanks for help yall. I’ll start update now :wink::+1:

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I’m in trouble iPad old won’t update iOS software anymore oops

That’s what Apple loves to hear.

Definitely back up your phone first using iCloud or iTunes on a computer

Yeah I know, bought a new one last year couldn’t transfer my account on there, put it in the cupboard gathering dust

So…i did backup but no update yet. I see people complain that iOS 13.1.2 drain battery very fast in ip7. I’ll wait for next update :joy:

I’ve had the update for a few weeks there has been some bugs, mostly always get told done update on the first day, couldn’t use the app buttons at the bottom lol. Haven’t noticed the battery drain. But other than that it’s fine. Looks the same feels the same added some new emojis

My sons phone seems to have better battery life than it used to. I have an iPhone 11 Pro Max and the battery seems to last forever. Much better than my 8+