Invite to line chats im new

can someone tell me how to get invite to group chats on line?

No noobs allowed, spend 10k or more and you can get an invite to the super secret Line channel. Otherwise just wait for your betters to have time to post that same information here.

Seriously though, if you just started, do yourself a favor and uninstall and find something, anything else to play.


i didnt just start i got locked out of my line acct and lost everything. had to make new one.

contact @LadyGeek I imagine she could get you into groups or tell you who to contact

i did no response

Might have to give her a while

There are like 567754 line chats. Some people are in them all. So ask around


Stop trolling this poor guy I’ll invite you it will only cost your soul

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dude if you can find my soul more power to ya


What if you’re an employee spy?

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