Invite issue for friends to my faction?


I have been trying to invite 2 guys that I know to my faction and every time I put in the personal code it tells me it is invalid. What do I need to do?


You dont need a personal code…

In game all you need to do is talk to them in global, click on them and select faction / send invite.

You need to be a recruiter or better in order to do so.


They are in different region and can’t see them in chat.


Need to be in the same region…


Then they need to go to menu, options, region and find the region you are in. OR you have to find the one they are in.


Keep in mind that anyone changing region will start at lvl 1. No toons etc go with you to a new region, only prestige points and coins.


you have to be in the SAME REGION, and if they switch regions, they will start over from the beginning…like a brand new player…


Lmao…I was about to say…same region would help