Inventory improvement proposal

I have a suggestion for improving inventory
I really want the same boxes to occupy one cell. To open them you must have a choice of quantity.
When the box falls into inventory there is no way to see what lies in it.
Why cant we see whats in the box by clicking the i button?


There is absolutely no money to milk out of your idea.

If you want scope to react, ask for something like :

  • Pay 100 coins to see whats in the box
  • Add another 100 coins to order boxes in one cell and get a QoL enhancement that’s been asked for ages

Or even better :

  • Pay 100 coins to have a chance at seeing whats in the box
  • Add another 100 coins to get a chance at a QoL enhancement


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I’d pay 1k coins if my trainers would stack… just saying.

This would be a HUGE QoL improvement @GR.Scopely. especially with the limited roster space

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Me to, a one off payment in coins not cash

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They did it for something else already. I forget what but a cut and paste job in theory should be quick and make us all happy. If they got it right, that is…

I’ve asked for both of these previously, nothing came out of it. Guess there’s higher priorities or this isn’t worth implementing.

Guys, seriously, paying coins or cash for such a feature … You must have a severe issue with addiction(s) !!!

Any decent dev would already have implemented it just because any dev would care for his games QoL.
Scope just dont give a F about whats not milkable, thats why we spend years waiting for QoL improvements, legacies, decent rewards structure, cheaters bans etc …

And still, you would be happy to coin for it ?? :thinking:

He’s being sarcastic and/or cynical. He’s not suggesting anyone would pay for that, only that they would charge for that.

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