Invasion event and a possible return



Good afternoon, some time ago you did an invasion event, where players collected tickets to open the negan and to get shirts, the event was apparently well received by the public, so you have in mind, bring back this event?


You mean faction assault?


yes my english is very bad, sorry


It’s alright, your English seems better than most. The faction assault event was alright. I wouldn’t mind seeing it again, maybe with more ticket drops if possible.


yes, now we have to create visibility so that they see


Yeah…that faction assault event was quite good



The event was very good indeed, could go back they hit full creating an event with something that already existed and was well under used by the players. It was good to move the factions, to value the attack to the negan, and to have more activity in general in the game since the ticktes take in in diverse areas.


Let’s get a tier 7, new map, and new bosses. Release it simultaneous with another faction assault event as the OP has said.


Maybe a new and revived Tara (that is not outdated by the 6 1/2 stars)


yeah, one of the best events I’ve ever seen. Please, @JB.Scopely bring this event again.

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