Introducing you: The inmortal b*tch

Sorry for make a YouTube video for a bug but I need to know if you have the same bug :frowning: someone can help me? Everytime y trie to pass that stage got that immortal zombie

Yupp same here…

it is punishment to those who are cheetahs

Try that stage without using maim. Just wondering if you get different results.

I try again without healer and maim same result th imortal zombie still there

Try with 4 toons

Try playing upside down and with ONLY your left index finger. Now this is crucial, the moon MUST be covered by clouds. I’m almost positive it will work


You try just auto it? I auto all mine and haven’t had issue with it but yeah that immortal walker would piss me off tho. Damn superwalkers

Yep auto, still the inmortal pain
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Why is your stage 23 gold 1 wave of walkers? Mine is 3 waves on my account and my wifes account and enemy trait is green and red

Idk but I got that stage *curious I think everyone got the same stage

Hhmm that’s weird, as all stages should be like everyone’s. @LadyGeek any idea on what they can do about letting scopes know about it as I think that’s why it is messing up on some and not on others. The stages are fubar. Maybe some way to compensate ppl?

This bug is only affecting beta users, as far as I know, and that’s the difference. Are you and your wife in the same region and on the same game version?

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also here’s a patron, that little buddy of behind never moves, instead appears the inmortal buddy this time is a fast one between the tanky and the lady walker *I pass the 23 just to get again un the 25 th inmortal

What did you do to pass 23?

We’re in same region (Putnam) but my account is a beta updated account and her account is not beta account

That’s why they’re different then.

At first I don’t pick Yumiko but now in the 25 I change the team 5 times but the bug still maybe is randomr

Ah, we learn something new every day lol didn’t know regions had different sr stages. Lol

How you play?!.. :flushed: :smile:
Use these characters and weapons against the “walkers”:

Good luck…:v: