Introducing the Leaders Group!


We’re happy to announce that @Goddess, @LadyGeek, @MICK_DEAD_END and @Lockdown have joined the TWD:RTS Forum Leader team! Please join us in congratulating them on this supportive position. We hope to see great things come from them. Please give them the same respect and support that we do with regards to their new responsibilities.

They are all fine examples of outstanding community members and continue to make this a better place for all those that visit.

We are looking into adding more Leaders to help build out our new home! Anyone who is active, friendly and helpful has the potential to become a Leader and may be put forth as a nominee.

If you are interested, or we have discussed a position for you at an earlier time, please feel free reach out to either me or @Andrea via PM ! :heart:

On a side note, if you are interested on a Title Change to help other community members identify you – please PM me with those requests. (It’s all manual so patience is much appreciated!)

Example : 05 PM

Thank you everyone!


Is this a paid role?


This is not a position as much it is a role granted to recognize those members that are trustworthy, helpful and kind to others within the community. It comes with forum perks and a special chat lounge for direct conversations with other Leaders, Moderators, and Developers!


Hey everyone!

I wanted to say hello and welcome to our new home! I’m here to help you in any way I can, especially when other leaders, mods, or Shane herself are not available. I operate in a EST (UTC -5) Time Zone so I hope that helps to know.

That being said, lets all start with a clean slate and move forward towards a goal of putting our heads together as a community to accomplish the things that Road To Survival, as a game has the potential to be.

:pancakes: & :popcorn: for all!


What regions are you guys from it might be helpful to know!


Congrats on your new roles, good to see some long-time contributors!


Uhm title? Can I be shoe aficionado? :wink:


Thank you!!! <3


Well if the shoe fits. :high_heel:


Congrats @Goddess @LadyGeek @MICK_DEAD_END @Lockdown on the Leader Role! :+1:


Félicitations à vous


Congratulations @LadyGeek and @Goddess you two are my normal go to for most things RTS.


Congrats @LadyGeek @Goddess and MICK_DEAD_END and Lockdown! Thanks for taking on this role to help make the forums better for everyone :slight_smile:


Thank you Blitz!! Awesome profile picture!! May I ask where that was taken?? :mountain_snow:


Thanks @MICK_DEAD_END! That was taken at Mount Fitz Roy, in Patagonia in Argentina. Very nice and beautiful place.
I like your pic too btw, that “suspicious” face is too funny… haha


Pschhht… just look at the Flowers Lizzy… :disappointed_relieved:




You really need to inform the in game customer service on the same page as what is said on the forum I’ve bin arguing with customer service over a issue I’ve bin having showed them screen shots of where’s u personally stated that the issue I am having is true and they will still not help me on this I’ve asked repeatedly to speak to a manager and keep getting ignored and nothing is being done to solve my problem they told me I should bring this up in forum but isn’t it there job to help I mean it is called customer service for a reason…


Pm me Dahtree! We’ll look into it!


Nice pic! Im from Argentina.