Introducing new S Class Mirabelle - Road to your Money

Mirabelle is a new rainbow toon, she takes 50% less damage from all traits other than ‘Wallet’ and does 59% overall increased damage to all traits including ‘Wallet’

Mirabelle has stats as follows;
HP; 27,003
ATK; 34,054
DEF; 21,045

Rush; Lol, Wallets Out boys
Cost; 5ap
Effects; Mirabelle attacks all enemies for 50% damage, unless a wallet check of over £100 is passed the damage is increased to 500%. 1500 bleed damage is applied to all enemies for 3 turns and 2 teammates are revived with 100% of their health and Guardian 3. Guardian 3 protects from 3 hits and applies the ‘Wallet’ trait which works as with base Mirabelle

Active Skill; Wallet or Deletion
Initial Cooldown; 2 turns
Cooldown; 2 turns

Mirabelle deals 100% damage to all enemies and gains Guardian 3, applying it to all allies. All enemies gain the ‘No wallet’ status effect for 12 turns.
Any enemies that are killed while affected will immediately and permanently deleted from players rosters.

Mirabelle will be available through a special stash that will reward her in completion. The Stash is entitled ‘Wallets. We don’t care’ and consists of 25 pulls all containing a new S-Class or powerful 8* weapon with the ‘Toon Deletion’ trait.

A single pull will cost £750.

Keep on surviving


Or maybe I’m sick of them releasing broken overpowered toons, trash events, trash F2P toons and trash statshes and just in general being greedy money grabbing scam artists? Hmmm? Be an apologist elsewhere


Or maybe you’re just salty :thinking:

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Slap that wallet out you nonce


The sick thing is… there are people who would pay that £750


Considering my choices of what to do. I might restart Marvel Strike Force in all honesty. Sure it’s not the greatest game but at least it’s a lot more respectable than this shit


If you think that the game isnt completely broken right now then you’re part of the problem. People who blindly spend for promos are the reason that Raulito exists. Try using your brain instead of your wallet for once :man_shrugging:


And then some🤗

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I downloaded Raid Shadow Legends, going to give that a shot and see how it is.

I thought it was terrible personally

Ladies and gentlemen… This is another PC member moving away from the game.

Read from that what you will!


Youve forgot the weapon special trait flee. At the beginning of each wave all enemies instantly leave the game.

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Ooooo maybe can we have it when it comes to leveling her you need to collect multiple items?
Like you need to get power cables to turn in for battery charger to turn in for batteries to turn in for some sand to turn in for some dildos.
Call it the bent over, no lube, done raw event.

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This is super cringy

No. You.
On a serious note with how the games going I wouldn’t put it past Scopely to eventually make this a thing

If you don’t like the game, th n you can quit. None is forcing you to stay.

Wahahahah! Made my day!

She’ll be made available thru their newest :fire: event, simply called “spending spree”. Whoever spends the most coins wins


Oh… I forgot that you couldn’t play multiple games at a time… how dare I…


care to comment on why PC members are being so quiet and down as of recent?
shouldnt they be optimistic and buoyant seeing their suggestions being implemented?