Introducing #MildSpendersUnited

Because… Why not???


Ffs :roll_eyes: :man_facepalming:




Meh, seems like there is tactics in play to distract from the #playersunited movement. Let this post die too. :slight_smile:


You must feel bad for spending…that’s sad.

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lol such entertainment. ive been watching everything from the sidelines but maybe if i need to pick a group, id pick this.
how mild are we talking anyway. maybe for calibration sake we need more gradations… like slightly upper moderate spending. :slight_smile:

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Your bored and don’t know who to blame?

Cause you like throwing money at greed?

Because you’ve been misled on false and failed promises and you have a need for attention?

Guess there are plenty of splinter groups that can be started up…

It’s a reason why scopley has giving the time to allow dysfunctional people to troll.
Distract from the true topic and divert attention to infighting.
Pure tactic for disruption.

Isn’t the idea to spend after they make the changes?Whelp lol


I just gotta ask…why we “pounding” all those group names?:thinking:

Stupid, the #United thing is to try and help the game in general to get better. Yes spenders are frowned upon during this but yall gonna go spend anyway so in reality this #United thing will show them nothing

Just to be clear, would this be in favour of mild spending or against it until things change and scopely makes their Flat world round or whatever it is that everyone is uniting against? The list was too long for me to pay proper attention.

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