Introduce Yourself!

Hello everyone!

Welcome to the new forums! It’s a chance for us all to organize from the beginning and everyone starts anew!

Whether you are a new user, elder user, or someone who was previous suspended or banned – we’re all here now!

Introduce yourself!

I am Shane and I’m the Community Manager for Road to Survival! I’m originally from Florida. I love the Walking Dead, Evil Dead, Sailor Moon, Pokemon, and any video with tiny food >>

Your turn!


is tiny food some sort of fetish?.. I have a friend who is Italian and he would have a heart attack seeing tiny lasagna.

Im Tom and im a banaholic



Real life a chemist. SCIENCE!!!

Originally started in troup well before any supply depot or armory. Was a solid player but quit playing in troup as a direct result of the armory debacle. I waited months for a response and we didn’t get it in a reasonable time.

Joined Morgan region. Fortunately the developers fixed the armory glitch before serious weapons were acheivable.
Everyone who competes in Morgan knows me, love or hate its all about entertainment for me. I don’t see much vie in holding grudges but I sure will get in a verbal tussle for more own enjoyment.

Wasn’t always jaded, but lack of developer awareness of all their short comings has drained all optimism from me.

…Still waiting on updates to elite items, supply depot, survival road, scavenger camp, museum, world maps road maps, and properly other stuff… forget it and leave it i suppose…



I am Alpha Wolf and I’m the resident lurker in my faction. I currently reside in Cook(in-game)and a cave somewhere in the mountains. Love The Walking Dead, Criminal Minds, Dexter, and memes.


Mick here, originally from California. Love to travel (been to 20+ countries :earth_americas:), love animals, have a cat named Pinky :cat2: (Pinky & The Brain :mouse:), TWD, American Horror Story, Stranger Things, the 90’s and anime!!

P.S. Will :coins: for :pizza:


I’m Matt, I just love Zombies. Anything Zombie.

Except for Z Nation, I couldnt get into that.

I also love Arnie. He’s a legend.

And sarcasm. I love that too.


Love to travel eh, now I see why you asked me that question =D
Perhaps you can now add it to your list hehe

Tully > Australia > DADE region.

I am a non typical gamer chick, with a profession and main interests centred around being outside :rofl:


Haha yep!!! I went to Japan last year and a while back I was in France, the UK, and Sweden. I still have to see Argentina. Thanks for the inspiration. Tell us about yourself @Blitz.

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Peg - Atkinson region - 29 years of age - Australia - mad dog.

What’s your favorite AHS season? I’m still catching up! I’m traveling to Canada to meet the team at IUGO at the beginning of next month. Looking forward to traveling the world myself – what have been your favorite countries visited?

Before I left Turtle Rock we were working on VR for Stranger Things! It was pretty damn cool. They just announced it at OC4.

Tully! You made it! What do you enjoy doing outside?

I was JUST thinking about how much I love Dexter today… haha

Hi hi! Yes got told this was the place to be :grinning:

Farming girl, have horses, dogs, cats, cows, etc on 600 acres. So outside more than inside. I have been known to play TWD while riding out to check cattle :heart_eyes:

And how interesting! Stranger things was great, looking forward to season 2.


OMG haha I love this visual. That’s awesome! I’ve heard Australia is lovely!

Lol, Dexter was an awesome show. Didn’t like the ending of it though, feel like it could’ve gone on a few more seasons.

Since you asked @MICK_DEAD_END

My name is Blitz > East Coast USA > Randolph.
Been playing RTS for about two years, most addicting mobile game ever in my experience. I love to travel, been to all 50 states and over 60+ countries so far and will visit Antarctica as my 7th continent next month!

The main shows I watch: GoT, Walking Dead, FTWD
Other games I play: Clash Royale, Last Day on Earth Survival.

Looking forward to hopefully more civilized conversations on this new forums (hopefully), lol

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I’m Dave and I live in Japan

Been playing for about 2 years, but don’t have much time to play other games. I used to be a Counter Strike fiend (1.1 is the best!). I don’t watch much TV either. I’ve been in the military for over 20 years and have traveled quite a bit, both for fun and work.

I look forward to providing feedback - in fact I’ll provide some right now. Items are way over-valued in this game, to the point where I don’t buy anything anymore. $99 bucks should provide weeks if not months of enjoyment, not 2 seconds of watching crap items pop out instead of the ones that were advertised.


I’m Mark but I go by twisty or “The judge” in game ,from wilcox region, Scottish/Swedish blend , mid 20s and work in logistics, desk jockey hence all the time spent on my phone to play this game.

Went up against your old faction in the first CRW & I couldn’t believe the amount of stun & impair weapons they all had.


Sup friends! My simple name for foreigners is Paul, but actually I’m Pavel. 1,9m and 90 kilo. I’m from Samara, Russian Federation, currently studying for masters degree in Goteborg, Sweden. I enjoy various sports and even participated in Russian league of American football(yes we have one lol) as a reciever of Samara Stormbringers. I like Star Wars, Lotr, ASoIaF. Participated in BRICS Youth leadership forum.


What happen to the original Introduction Thread?


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