Interview: Player Council Member Darin (Conquest)

I know I have wondered what goes on behind closed doors between Scopely & the Player Council! How do they communicate ideas with the developers & what are they directly responsible for in-game? Find out here!

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Leave a comment with your reactions to this conversation & tell us what you think they should be focusing on when communicating to the developers.

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Excellent excellent excellent! Really enjoyed this video can’t wait to see the next one!

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Like the Snowden interview Part 2


SHOUT OUT Forum Famous Parker! haha


Fact some of this stuff wasn’t expressly communicated to us by scopely at its onset is a little frustrating.

Agree about the need for having more constructive feedback on forums, and that sometimes it can be a bit mob-like and doomsday-ish. Just think that it would be nice for more of the things I see ppl engaging with here were being seriously considered by Scopely. Cause honestly I see a lot of good feedback that seems to get ignored and forgotten.

While I still don’t see the need for the players council, I still have a serious problem with the fact that two players from VV are on there and none from TTT. Definitely shouldn’t be the case. Glad Parker and Ladygeek are there though


Well done @Invisinerd & @Conquest :+1:


At the risk of sounding real not cool (jk I don’t care) the council is smart imo but just think the overall set up even while I was there is just not meant for the overall whole of people to get the info it’s meant for certain individuals and their friends/factions to get the info ahead of time. Which leads to an advantage of game play and other aspects.

After the “buckets article” which now seems to be a joke, everyone on the PC minus Lady Geek and VV member #2 (dont know if he came out and told people not my place to) pretty much said they were leaving/wanted answers. Where respectfully none were really provided so half the council lived to their word and did exactly that and left and half stayed; now I don’t talk to anyone really left on the council outside of VV member #2, and we purely talk about the game. Meaning I no longer have constantly flow of info from the inside coming my direction. Granted its not months in advance info but here’s the true problem no one thinks about.

The info provided there that you do get in advance in some cases can save you money from knowing what toons are coming; and which ones to focus your materials and resources on (aka the gear shortage, they knew in advance gear was about to start getting tight, the smart ones saved their gear for toons like Aarav not Pete)

The next issue is after half of the council left they have only since added Parker (might be wrong) I feel as if the only reason to be there now if purely for self gain or faction gain…outside of that the PC since half left got real real real quiet.

The PC should be expanded imo to a group which directly talks to the devs (15-20 people) meaning they got people to replace and readd. The need content creators such as @Invisinerd and people who disagree with them like I do such as @snichols but 7 people while 5 are from 2 factions I think is silly and pointless.

It’s not about cool kids club or who likes who. But their should be a core group of PC members 15-20, then the JB line chat/forums chat that’s constantly updated so people know.

Such as people been asking about gold bars? That shouldn’t be on PC to relay, even tho appreciated to keep farming them. (Unsure if official word was given yet)
Or any other issues…or things that effect game play.

Again PC has perks and people stay on top of it…but it’s still seeming like lip service.

If I need help or anything directly or questions I go straight to JB anyways.


well done, sir! one suggestion i would like to add is not only interview pc members, but also non pc members to get their perspective on changes that pc has put in place or helped put in place. think this not only gives scopely knowledge of how more people think, but also gives the pc members more insight into pov’s of more players, more voices can never hurt, only help, imo. @Invisinerd


Thanks Invisinerd - I really enjoyed that interview, it was quite fascinating, they are a lot more active than what I had given them credit for, off course they are not always going to win, but there certainty sounds like they are fighting the good fight.

Players Council always held a bit of mystery to me, and I was genuinely interested, so thank you for putting this together - I am also really looking forward to day 60 of your F2P experiment, that is a great series.


Thanks! I appreciate the kind words & I’m working on the 60 day update right now. Got caught up in the possibility of transfer this weekend. :slight_smile:

@Conquest should do a re-count of PC members :slight_smile:

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Sigh. <\sigh>

In fairness - this isn’t new. The thing about certain players getting advanced info on further game content and changes.

Now it’s just called PC and some players aren’t there anymore :wink:

I am not a fan of PC for various reasons that I think I have mentioned enough since it’s creation. It’s not because of the players in it but it’s because it’s sold as something it isn’t.

And I agree they need more critical voices on it. I’m sorry if I’m offending anyone in the PC but since most of them hardly speak to the community I can’t really assess if they meet my expectations. And yes - if you don’t meet the general expectations then the validity goes south. That’s just how these things work :blush:

@Invisinerd nice video :blush::blush: I agree that you should make a similar one with one of the players that aren’t in it but has a critical voice. Maybe it would bring more attention to the reasons behind the critique and why some spend so much time investing in PU.


I completely disagree. No more whales or any top faction members, I am sorry that your faction was not included in the party but if I remember correctly they were not even a part of #PU . Those 5 people everyone is talking about are people who started this . We need more f2p players like Parker who shares our experiences and can fight for our rights .

As a f2p player I seen a lot of changes:

  • We finally have a chance to get S class items
  • Toons that we can obtain ( Pryia, Pete )
  • Improved league store toons
  • Diego as museum collection (Who I wanted for so long)
  • There is a pulling cap (100 pulls)
    etc etc…

I see a lot of changes but I would really like to see few more completely F2p players fighting for those like me.


He is speaking from personal experience. No more whales or spenders ! #f2p #Parker


I try not to get to involved in the whole spender vs F2P thing. It’s like comparing apples and pears or that game you give to a toddler and you watch them trying to fit a square box into a triangle shaped whole.

My drive has always been overall gameplay for all and the rest I stay away from. But that doesn’t mean @Gov is wrong not mater what you think his intentions are :blush:

Oh and I am the head cheerleader of #TeamParker and @Parker knows that. If he enjoys it is a whole different matter :smile:


I agree. This would at least then be an attempt to show both sides. I would propose @How2Zombies


@Invisinerd Thank you very much for putting this together. As we discussed, when you approached me with this idea - I would like to do more of those in the near future.

Also, the Interview is available here on the TWD Blog :wink:



Totally agree! Some are just trying to make the whole PC thing into VV Vs TTT. That should be happen over wars and not this.
We definitely need more f2p people in there and no more whales.