Interesting thing I found out about "The Wanderer"

He appeared in the Overkill game, which I heard is unfortunately lame.
But is he the only Scopely character to appear in something else?

Overkills track record isn’t great anyway. The only good thing they really done is payday and that was just because David Goldfarb was there. He has left to go to outsiders now and they haven’t done anything since you left. Anything good that is

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I didn’t like Payday very much.
So many damn microtransactions for one thing.

Oh yeah totally it wasn’t that good of a game but it’s the best they have done LOL

my friend made me buy 1 & 2 to play it with him, but we played them like once and I never touched them again.

Hold on a sec… you download a game that is called Payday and then complain there are microtransactions???


Payday is referring to robbing the banks

Well, maaaybe… I’d draw conclusions with robbing the players :smiley:

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