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I’m too lazy to do it, but it’d be interesting to try to get Julia Boorstin (CNBC Senior Media & Entertainment Correspondent) to do a follow-up on this article from last year.


Oh yes, the LTV dissection and why it works and how it has worked for our community thus far.


Yea i would LOVE to see the follow up to this as of today.


I got you!!


Keep us posted and enjoy Ban Camp!


Will do and idgaf i can just as easily create a new account and be back before my coffee perks.

Besides isn’t everyone else tired of waiting for scopley to just magically change or get something right for a change?? I know i am, so its time to start making some waves and trying to bring about change ourselves. I am not waiting around anymore for promises to be fulfilled or taking it to the team, or we’re working on it, we have a new team and change is right around the corner speeches. ( I don’t blame Kali because i think she gets the run around and left in the dark almost as much as we do.)

Sometimes all you need is to pursue the proper channels to get the push you needed.


@Brian_Mcleod You have a fan. Keep us updated you hero you. Can you supply a link so that I may myself email them. I would use that email of the person you are talking to but I feel I should go through their system first.


I love this game from a game play standpoint, mix of teamwork and individual accomplishments. It’s more the communication/transparency ( or lack there of ) Mismanagement and greed that has the game we all love and are passionate about getting stuffed into a flaming dumpster.

I will do as much as i possibly can and exhaust every possible avenue in hopes to bring change for the game we all love. While i might only be 1 person, while i still have a voice i am gonna make damn sure i use it until i can’t anymore. Their is great strength in numbers and if we all work together towards the same goals, we can literally accomplish anything and either get the change or scopley will just shut the doors. However if they shut the doors on such a huge potential income gainer, then they’re not very smart and don’t actually grasp how much potential they have here.

This game could be much better then what it is, more enjoyment for the players while still being very profitable and possibly even more profitable then with the current structure they have now.

I literally have 0 experience running any company or even a huge mobile game like this but i do understand one thing that seems to have slipped scopley. That being you’re customers/players are literally your life support system. If you take care of them and make them happy, price stuff reasonably,give better rewards, compensate them when you make mistakes and generally keep the customers happy. They will continue to take care of you and keep you making money, eventually once they have alienated enough of the old player base. trying to get new members is going to be alot more difficult.When they all band together and put negative reviews with logical reasoning, on every outlet and social media platforms at their disposal it’s all downhill from there.

While they might be able to keep fishing new members for a while, eventually it’s going to end. The re is no end game here, where scopley rides of into the sunset with record profits for the future with the way they currently treat everyone, everyone who has built and supported this game from the start.

It seems like their current model is make as much as you can, as fast as you can before it dies. Which is all fine and dandy but what happens after this is the 5th-6th time you game has done this? Do you think hoards of people are going to flock to scopleys new game on the market? I doubt it highly but if they actually built games to last and kept their customers happy. Then droves of people will continue to support the games they help produce.

If time after time you just steal,scam,lie to your customers, eventually the jig is up and people associate it as a bad game experience, greed, lies and everything else they put their customers through. At which point they’ve lost any hope of continuing to live in this very large, very profitable market that is mobile online gaming.


Interesting! Those numbers show a lot of greed imo. Instead of being happy milking that cash cow, looks like they milked it, starved it and beat it to death :frowning: now there’s no more cow, milk or cash.

I guess “digital gaming” would include other types besides mobile games. But still, it’s a huge difference when considering how much of the total market is made up in mobile game sales. $41bn in 2016 :open_mouth:

Def not implying it’s just Scopely that’s the problem. But it seems the company is definitely part of it.


That’s what i mean though, they have potential to tap into console gaming markets as well. Do they really think if Bill gates came buy scopley forums and seen the constant backlash and abuse and finally steadily dipping profits and very unhappy players. Do you think he’s gonna just jump in bed with scopley?? Probably not, why dirty your own already very established well named business with a company that has such a negative face with their player base or the public in general?

While if all we did was praise scopley for their treatment of us, he would be signing over the cheques faster then the speed of light. In order for that to actually happen, we need something we can actually praise them for.I can promise anyone at scopley, we just need the reasons to do so and you would literally see this place change over night and steadily progress to a place of high praise and positive feedback. The players are literally begging you for a reason they can praise you daily.


Not all heroes wear capes… but Brian deserves super powers! Nice work interesting too! I will write as well it’s a curiosity scenario being a private co.


It’s also a media outlet and while they say either negative or positive is good exposure, for something like this case i would disagree and call it extremely negative, if in fact they did a truthful, informative,objective view of the games current state.

Poll the community, talk to their employes’ past/present, kick over some rocks and find out what the company represents from an objective, non emotionally involved stance…Then share the conclusions of her findings. I can assure you scopley would start shaking in their boots, if media started contacted them and customers and gathering data on the overall outlook and business model.

I will also go as far as contacting any other news outlets or people who follow stories of mis-treatment,un-ethical,immoral business practices. If anyone has names of specific people whom pursue crusades like this for the little guy/girl. Then by all means drop some names/outlets, i will exhaust all of them.

I know people do stories like this, i just can’t recall names/outlets but i will try googling whatever i can and continue fighting for real change.


It’s good investigative journalism (if you will)! If you can see the trends of stocks you get that gut feeling or whereabouts of trends and what’s to come for them. I could bore with countless times stuff has dipped then risen. Since these guys aren’t a public holding at lest to my knowledge all we have is words… words are weightless because they’re free lol.


While i do agree what you’re saying to an extent. When you have actual/factual written proof in text form. At that point its slightly more then just words, without any proof or baseless accusations. The saying goes, when there’s smoke, there is fire.

It wouldn’t be very difficult for a trained journalist to gather the data and use their own intuition to read between the lines and come to their own conclusion. Whether it aligns with my views or not, a light will click somewhere within the mess.


Oh I hear you I just mean the blanket statements from our cm more the less. The other ones are eye opening that’s for sure. Especially broken promises from the Big cheese himself, add in the dilemma of mixed info on pulls and it’s chaos. I see that smoke for sure!


Well done!


Same here. :slight_smile:


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