Interesting, no Davie pull result thread!


The silence is deafening


People would probably pull for him if they could actually do the roadmap. And also he sucks shiva is leaps and bounds better


He looks cool, the added animation is gimmicky enough… But it’s the same card as Albino Shiva…


Did a 10, got 6* Guardian Hershel. Happier than if I actually pulled him. He’s just meh


Why pull for meh toons lol what? Otherwise, congrats


Well I wasn’t pulling for him, I was pulling for the wheel, for the toons like Guardian Hersh and Rosita and whatnot


Why pull at all after the way Scopely are treating its playerbase this Anniversary?


Even if they did pull for him, it’s not like they would admit to it here lol


Seems like no… Spending… Strike should start again… Had some good traction last time it happened.


He’s a cool character. His weapon suffers from the fact that he doesn’t have taunt anywhere on his AR or Active skill. He’s way too slow and way too squishy.

Blue Negan does more bleed damage for less AR cost. If he did that kind of Bleed damage combined with the damage he can deliver, he would be a great asset to any attacking team. As it is, I would still pick the Depot Gov over him.

Expect him to be in f2p wheel, like the lucky tokens, sometime on the future.

It’s a shame that such a cool design went to waste.


Because Imo opnion anniversary event has been good, only bad thing has been the .99cent gate, all you guys do is look at the bad and complain, not you, but this forum in general


1 step forward a marathon back with scopley though. Was enjoying the anniversary till then, a good wheel, log in tokens, a good chance of at least a couple of pulls for f2p and moderate spenders. The RTS wheel was great, spend way too much on that and got some decent toons. All was going well. Then the offer fiasco and lying about it, makes all the good stuff that preceded it turn to ash. They’ve shit all over the player base yet again.


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