Instead of war wheel

There should just be a choice box this would allow everyone to pick and choose what toon they need or want


You are full of good suggestions today! Doesn’t seem like @GR.Scopely is working today.

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This would be the best thing ever, but we all know it will never happen

It should be refreshed every week personally with one S-Class five star ascendable toon and a S-Class 6* toon should be in there like one week arrav and another week laopo

I wish they can hear you. Personaly i asked them Choice boxes with sclass collectibles for all the major event rewards

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@GR.Scopely can you hear us this has been mentioned multiple posts why not make a topic about it and see what players actually want instead of these pretty much useless toons

nah imo they should bring back the war stashes. before they weren’t helpful because not everyone was able to get a toon from completing the stash but now i think they’d be extremely useful. put armory tokens, legendary ascendance medals, gear, trainers, etc and when you compete the stash maybe a choice box with 1k collectibles.

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That’s completely ridiculous.

better than the bs scopely usually gives us ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Just keep collecting these useless war head rewards in hope they decide to release one.

Would be nice. Yesterday I got of course 5* alpha in war wheel. This wheel working like with barker, kal, vincent ect… :man_facepalming:t2:

So far I got 6* Raven , 5 Dale . Ic I got luckt to pull Alice next I will go for heads to max Kapoor

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