Instead of tokens

With the updated wheels I would honestly prefer a war with like 40 elite character tokens or 10000 prestige tokens like we had the last time , those wheels far exceed what’s offered in 5* token wheels.



Would love to see an appropriate number of Elite or Prestige item tokens. I mean, suitable as reward for effort.

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I remember when they had prestige token for the milestone prize for a Survival Road event just as 6s were starting to come out. I ended up with 6 pulls and got both ascendable Glenn and another 5. It was definitly a worthwhile event. Couldn’t hurt happening again.

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Good idea, @Twisty.

I dont think getting 10 4* is a good idea for war reward. I want a 6* toon or 5* ascendable with all medals required.




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Yeah I remember that , several of our faction pulled numerous 5s from it , was great

When it happened last time , lots of us pulled several 5s from the 10000 tokens , 40 elite character tokens is also a guaranteed 5 , worst case you level one of those 10 4*s up and ascend for a 5, Not ideal but worth the chance of getting a few in one pull

Whilst I do want 6* gear and guaranteed ascendable toons , it’s very unlikely we will get that, this at least offers some variety , something different than yay another 10000 5* tokens etc

It would be great if they switched things up once in a while.


I don’t remember anyone pulling 5*s from the prestige tokens, I remember more people complaining about them

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I have never pulled a 5* from prestige and only 1 5* ever from elite character tokens so i dont like the idea, just my opinion.


My only issue with this is say after a weekend warring, you pull like 20 4* Toons. That would be so much worse than the worse pull you can get from 5* tokens :see_no_evil:


Nah bro I need my medals lmao

And levelling a 4* :fearful::open_mouth:

You won’t get anything unless you start to ignore wars, which will never happen let’s be honest

Instead of tokens…give us tokens?

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I got a Shiva and camo Michonne. I was happy. I just miss the good ole days when rewards were a toon. Why not offer an ascendable character as a reward every once in a while. For this weekends war I pulled red lee and Ben. WHOMP WHOMP

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I have been quite lucky with prestige pulls had a few 5*, but now they are just like 4* fills your roster but not much good, and I agree the lack of medals for ascending and leg gear is becoming frustrating to the point of after 2+ years playing this game every day I am getting bored and frustrated, and just to continue my rant it would be nice to be rewarded for continued play I stand at approx 500 days without a single miss come on Scopley reward the players not just the spenders. Rant over lol

I don’t understand why there has been no type of 6* gear map. I quit for a year around when armory came out. I came back like 4 months ago to a whoooole bunch of new stuff. I was expecting townhall 25, new land… Not 6*s lol But apparently when they came out there was some type of medal/gear map I missed out on. Well, thats been ages ago. Why shouldn’t we get a daggon gear map.


Yes but most those ascendable toons most have and there pretty much all useless now