Instead of merging

Instead of merging why don’t we all just join Newberry? I know the time and money and the effort would be lost but scopley will never merge us. I’m starting over in Newberry even tho I finally hit s5. Just seems more fun starting in a new region than fighting it out with the whales. Just me


I’m just saying lol. Doesn’t mean we ditch out main accounts. Just bringing other ideals to u stale mfs lol

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All this does is start a new region where more whales will be


Honestly right now I can’t tell but it doesn’t look to bad. But oh well

Cause it’s still a new region lol in every region there’s top or bottom question is which one are you

Oh I’m not a spender if that tells ya lol

dont have to be if you’re in the #1 faction even in a new region still decently set over time

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Not sure why instead of merging they can’t just open a new region and let people from certain dying regions move there main accounts there… doesn’t seem like it would be that difficult

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I like that ideal

Lol to be honest it’s not my pocket so it does matter 2 me

It’s actually just a event

I rather quit than start over.


Understandable. Think most feel the same way.

I couldn’t stomach spending that type of money. And I would completely understand why they wouldn’t start over.

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Fair enough.

Do you work for scopely, bcuz this is exactly what they would suggest and keep surviving of course

This is exactly what scopely wants. If this works for them, merging will never come closer. Dont bite their bait and go to a new server with benefits. This trick they can play over and over.

Newberry dies: another new. Again spend your money

Merging is the only way. Not transfer, but merge. Or sign up as faction that u want to move and scopely chooses where.

Picking servers yourself is exploitable. You can go to a server where you can easily be the best

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I love my collection of weapons, toons etc…

I don’t want to lose that or trade it in.

No way I’m starting over.
Scopley needs to come up with a plan.
Or hire someone who can come up with a plan.

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