Instead of making us dislike Negan, they make us dislike Daryl and Jesus [spoilers!]



AMC said that we’ll dislike Negan even more this season, but he hasn’t done shit to make us believe that. They actually made me dislike Daryl and Jesus.

Daryl because he became darker, kind of a psychopath, and killed Rick’s old friend Morales. He was reasoning with Rick until Daryl killed him. Also he has a non caring attitude. I know it’s war, but come on now… Rick didn’t tell him to do that shit because they needed information for the guns location.

Jesus because he did some dumb shit by keeping the enemies alive, and now he brought them to the Hilltop. AMC decided to give him the “All life is precious,” roll instead of Morgan, and tbh, I think he’s the traitor because nobody would be in war with the Saviors if he never told Rick about them, and Zeke lost Shiva and his soldiers because of Jesus and his dumb crap. I hope Tara shoots him in the leg or arm.
I also hope Rick whoops Daryl’s ass for being careless. Lmao


Not saying I disagree or agree but it’s kind of funny you hate Darryl for callously executing saviours but then you hate Jesus for not callously executing saviours. Seems strange that you hate both of them for doing completely opposite things. As for negan he’s had like 20 minutes of screen time so far this season (not nearly enough time to dislike him even more) so on that I would say give it time.

Also you should put a spoiler alert on your thread topic header. :slight_smile:


Well, both of them are pissing me off with their bs, and Idk how to add a spoiler tag.


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I’ve found this season and the last to be boring, fragmented and completely unremarkable. Don’t @ me.


Huh :thinking:


I think this season has been pretty exciting but I do agree with your fragmented comment. it’s definitely been all over the place. Last season Wasn’t the greatest. Definitely got better in the second half and I found the finally to be amazing.


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That’s so interesting to me because Kirkman makes you like Negan more and more in the books as we go!


Yeah Negan is a bad guy you can’t help but like. especially in the comics but even in the show.


OOOHHH. I’ve learned something new today :slight_smile:


Hypocrisy thy name is you. 1 brush for one side and another for the other. I expect more from true walking dead fans.


Daryl was created from, and always will be pure Fan Service. He auditioned for Rick and didn’t get it. But the casting people just liked the guy so they wrote a part for him. This almost always goes bad on TV shows as the true vision of the work is compromised with FanBoying.

As we see with Daryl, he is distracting nonsense, the loud motorcyle, his biker look, his angsty hair and lone wolf storylines… It reads like some rank ramblings of a DeviantArt blogger.

Daryl is the Seven of 9 / BB8 of TWD


Daryl is not hated! I’m fucking glad he killed those guys, it was hilarious when Rick gave his word he would live and then Daryl killed him lmao!