Instead of closing or locking a thread, can you instead just suspend the violators


@kalishane, can this be the new way to go about things?


That would be useful honestly. Too many threads get closed or swept under the rug, but then again the pancake bunker must be safeguarded from any threat to the syrup supply. Keep on surviving.


Yes please make this happen too many threads just have two people arguing back and forth.


Actually no one was arguing in AW thread, they were waiting broom/rug moment to work it out. Someone (actually that is only executor) started it same as always, according to higher orders.

Ps: waiting for flagg/ban


It doesn’t matter.

If the topic isn’t something that they want to allocate resources - since it will not yield any revenue and considered not ROI worthy, they can use any reason they want to close the thread.


My thread just got unlisted in a matter of a minute. This is what it had:

In continuation of Addressing the Promises in Albert’s Letters.


Can you please electorate in full detail how this closed thread goes against the established Scopely Forums Rules & Guidelines?

Please note that the original document issued by your GM at that time window (even if Albert Wei is no longer your current product GM) aren’t proposed requirements or deliverables requested by the community, so should be considered as proposed/promised product features by you/your team. We, the community, as your stakeholders, are merely trying to hold you/your team accountable for such documented deliverables - and thus, this is not a “discussion” and should be considered a forum of inquiry.

Your decision to close this thread achieves nothing except further irritate, alienate and infuriate your forum community - which again, should be considered as your audience and your stakeholders.

Thank you for your time.


This is simply a suggestion for future ways of handling repeated offenders violating the TOS.


Please don’t kill this thread too @solkriz


The Rules and Guidelines of a forum require us to do both.
Please feel free to message the Admins about this – please don’t create threads regarding rules, guidelines, and moderation.