Instant complete token for the armory

We need a instant complete token for the armory. This would be a great prize for any event, would be wanted by all.


Yes please, I’d say it’s better to be disappointed right away rather than waiting almost 2 days for it.


Just use your coins from Leagues…er…hang on…


No tx. That would be the worst reward ever for those who play this game for years and basicaly have all weapons. Tx, but no tx.


Dang it, you are right @Dedeea , no point in this, I revoke support OP

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Delete this thread please


I have been playing for years but I would like to see this token, but I would only give it our in events not a purchase, if a purchase it should be very expensive. I just feel that new players need a way to get caught up. Many regions are dying and without a influx of new players this game just gets worse for all of us that have enjoyed the game for years. I just want to keep active players coming in and staying. Most changes in the game over the years have made it much easier for new players then when we started. So I do agree with Dedeea but I want the game to survive. The last war in our region only had twenty some active teams and only about 12 teams had more then 5 battles. My team faced the same team 4 time in a row. I remember when our region had 40 active teams in a war. I want to see the game get back to that.

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This won’t help unless they are given out as milestones, if it’s for top prize, the new players can forget about them.


Great idea to give out as a milestone, I like it.

I wouldn’t mind seeing unique weapons as part of rewards for example: red stun on attack, yellow stun on def, disarm mods for 2 turns. Would be ideal for a blitz war, add in kits and tapes, and weapon tokens.
The armory speedup isnt bad. Yes u can only use 5 of something at a time however Herschel and Louis you may want crit,ap, and stun. However on your attackers you may want ap,attack stun. I’m constantly crafting weapons.
Also always thot a cool raid event would be to drop special weapon tokens and once you have so many you can pick a weapon you have and your special with guaranteed success.
Always happy to get different rewards and not just trainers, medals, tokens ect.


If it was a token that didn’t just do weapons that would be good as it could also auto complete scavenger missions, armoury weapons and recovering a team for territories, what I’m trying to say it can be a multi use token not just limited to one thing.

Good idea. Can’t wait for Earl to give me a non crit or bad crit anyways. At least in that way I don’t have to wait 1-2 day to get useless weapons.

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Earls just 1 man, he has a high demand. He doesn’t get vacations or lunch breaks. Earl never sleeps. Do you provide earl with alcohol ? If not he will continue giving you shiz. Also he likes man boobs…just saying there’s always more options


You forgot the option throw him to the walkers.

those tokens have been available the whole time, they are called coins. It just takes a lot of those tokens to insta complete something…


Clues in the name coins they are a in game currency not a token

not a bad idea

I bet earl will make sure you will always get crap after this.

In thinking about this I think I’d rather see a token that allows you to choose which special you want. Something not purchased or easily earned. Other thing would be a territory that speeds up research times ( those were brutal) and armory speedup times. Maybe only making it a special territory that’s available only 1x a week per faction for x amount of time or something like that.

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