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There are many who complain relentlessly about RTS and its mechanics, gameplay, bugs, etc. I complain as well at times, but there are some things that I don’t understand why you complain and I would appreciate some insight. I would like your ideas on how you think that the game is shit and how it could do better. Say better rewards, problems with gates, or even events that you think are shitty. How do you think that the game could be run better, how rewards can be amped up, and/or how events could be brought along better for the community.

I’ll start, I dislike the road of S-Class characters in general, they blow any normal 6* out of the water and I cannot compete against most S-Classes, mainly Christa, James, and Kapoor. I think that they were a horrible idea, if there’s any possibility for my max 6* teams to barely compete with 2 characters that a level 15 new player has, there’s a bit of a problem.
One last issue I have is with the player base. You are toxic and think you deserve more than you get. If you think that you deserve more that you work for, then make your own game where you can get everything. You do not deserve compensation for a mistake made on Scopely’s part, Jonesgate and Halloweengate aren’t reasons for everyone to get compensated for things that you didn’t realize or take part in in the first place. If you really want the game to change for the better, don’t demand for free shit, give Scopely ideas on how to make the game better and then they can work from there.

Yet again, I would love the input of anyone who sees this. Even if you disagree with me, I would like to see your opinions from your perspective and rather not see blatant insults that don’t help anyone.
Thank you.


How dare you talk to us junkies like that

Yes, my mistake, but I feel that it takes one to know one. I’m talking about myself, I don’t mean to blatantly insult you with this comment.

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Fair point. It’s possible to beat them with 6* though if you play it right, you can even do it if a Pete and Priya or Raulito are added. Feel free to ask for help.

Never mind.

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You’re right, but frankly I’m not the best at the game and I don’t have the best characters. I appreciate your offer for help but I am quite good.

Been giving suggestions to Scopely for a long time… all ignored, even ones that if they took on board they would have probably not had these issues die to proper Q&A.

In addition, it is best standard practice when a company and mobile gaming companies make an error that customers are compensated.

I’ve worked for many different companies in a CS capacity, everytime there is an issue created by a company, they customer is not made to pay for it with customers being compensated for our failings. Why? Because it’s our fault not the customers fault. To decrease customers leaving and improve retention and because it’s the right thing to do.

It’s makes business sense and what other companies regular practice.

In addition I don’t think some of the language you have chosen to use in your post is helpful or conducive.

Noticed that you just joined a couple weeks ago to.

I have created an account recently, but I have browsed the forums for many months. Although I do agree that what I have said has been contradictory, there is little for Scopely to do without angering the community more. My opinion on the players who demand compensation, demand compensation on say the golden arrows. There’s much wrong with this event as any event, but most of what I have seen is those demanding for the letter drop rates to be increased or even for free feathers/arrows and I disagree with that. I have done just fine in the event and I have yet to spend a penny on anything.

Just go back in times in the forum. Plenty of suggestions there, daily, since its beginning. No need for people to waste their time on you typing it up all over again, especially when you’ve described them as toxic freeloaders who don’t deserve anything.
Bye now.

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So your changing your initial rebuttal? I think the way Scopely have designed their recent events are not achievable by customers via grinding… the Sergio and the other event with a toon and this Jones one would inevitability result in customers having to spend when evens should be achievable by grinding also, so it is available to the entire customer base.

Their are customers that have used their resources to try and complete letters etc to no avail, there is something wrong with that when even through extra investment a customer gets no gain.

Scopely would have been better off adding in the Arena milestones an additional guarantee of a letter (the milestones where u can pick up arena tickets for completing x amount of arena battles) this wouldn’t affect Scopelys bottom line as customers would purchase additional tickets to have more chances of gaining a letter that is guaranteed instead of rng.

They poorly thought out the mechanics of events and achievability which customers have noticed and hence have asked for the rng aspect to be rejigged

@WakeUp stop typing. The sooner this thread dies and plummets down the forum list the better. I’ve explained to the OP what the OP can do to answer their original question.

Only thing you’re wrong about is the giving Scopley feedback part you’re right mostly everything lately is flat out complaining but players have tried for a long time to give Scopely feedback that they flat out ignore not to mention they have a whole group of PC members that I imagine are also ignored…people just need to wake up one day and realize Scopely doesn’t give a shit they’re a company where if you don’t like what they’re doing the best option is to just quit playing but you know what they bank most of their non caring attitude on? Is that no matter how bad things get no matter how much people complain and demand free stuff and they don’t give it that it won’t ever be enough to make people actually quit

Yes the rng could be increased, but I don’t think it is broken as has been put by others. I am f2p and have just saved up my arena tokens. Grinding isn’t really part of this game’s current goal, it’s more just racking up points and getting first place and getting your 2nd S-Class Laopo. But this is why I asked for your opinion.

I agree with what you said, I don’t remember saying that people don’t give Scopely feedback, but I think the genuinely good feedback is masked with the complaining and demanding from those that say they will quit, but they have yet to even do so.

Grinding is part of getting resources so your able to obtain a goal if you spend abit, little or not at all you have to rely on the other types of equity you can provide which is resources and time.

The rng that I’ve experienced and I am savvy when it comes to using tickets is 1 entry = 1 letter. If ur lucky some customer may have gotten more. Thinking forward on that and planning, their is no way you can achieve the goal of the event which is Mr Jones. A poor prize or not.

Other previous events were achievable (Michelle) for example through grinding… I know, how I got her but their has been a significant drop in the ability via grinding which has always be a large aspect of the game especially for f2p of achieving an events ultimate reward goal

What I was referring to was grinding for S-Class items. They cannot be obtained by grinding, you get them from getting 166 torches from like 3 lvl up tournaments and then you get like 160 items every other week.
I have experienced some of that rng, but not as coldly as you have I guess. I say that I don’t see too big of a problem but I am missing 2 golden arrows from the second chapter. I didn’t really want Mr. Jones, he would have been another one of my ascendables sitting in my roster waiting weeks for me to finish my current ascendable. I am more interested in the max gold mods and the 1k S-Class items.

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You have to grind for S-Classes to obtain them unless you hand over your credit card to Scopely. You have to grind for museum collections, which in turn you have to grind over events or features to obtain items for collection items to get a step closer to obtaining an S-Class.

Looking at the needs of all and not individually, some may have wanted him some may not have, but if Scopely creates an event where X is he u1tilmate prize, then like previous events prior to Sergio, they should be available to all through either grinding or paying… the events of late had required all customers to pay which this game up until recently did little of.

That is just how the game works nowadays, there is little rhyme and reason anymore.

Okay then

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