Insert war pulls here ffs

Got 2carls now 6* yumiko


Hmm seems we have the same luck 2 Carl’s now yummmmm lmao what a joke

Also got yumi 6 star didn’t screenshot it cause I already have her

Got Yumi also-_-

I also got yumi and carl

Got Jeremiah, didn’t have him so it ain’t a total loss

2 carls and a Jeremiah

Wassup @Rivers how ya been

I mean I’m fine with my pulls


Vincent 5*

I predict i will get carl

A 3rd vincent in a row and Bruce who is only one i didn’t have so not utterly disappointed.

Obviously depoted vincent immediately

I wanted BAC… :unamused:

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I just plugged him in one of my offenses and he isn’t to bad. The only thing i wanted in this wheel was two coles and a carl.

Cole is awesome, got him last pull

Prove everyone wrong and show us how powerful vincent is.

He wasnt even useable when there were only like 20 6*s lol

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I and about 6 other faction mates all got jeremiah…

Shits a joke waiting on screen recorder ap so i can nuke my account. We have zero to play for in this game … Zero


I’d use him for ascendance if I ever got one lol

At least its not a vincent