Insert syringes pulls her

Lemme see those heaps of bloody shirts

Why you interested in others pulls?

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Bruh stop acting like that. There’s hella people who this stuff on the foruMA.

Ya boi was a dumbass and did a few pulls so you all didn’t have to. Don’t waste your time on these tokens. You’ll dump hundreds of dollars before you even have a chance at Doc or even Mercer. Best I pulled was 400 t-shirts. Most was 50-100. 1% chance to pull the toons from the wheel. You’re better off gambling on their promo wheel instead.

Edit: Maybe my bucket just sprung a leak :man_shrugging:


did 1 pull and 500 so not sure


I bought the 0.99 offer and bought 4 of the boxes from the featured boxes for 199. With 9 pulls, I got Dr Stevens and a bunch of shirts. My bro got Mercer on a 5 pull. It’s just your luck, like everything else in the game.

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lolz, did 4 599 coin bags… all 2000 tokens… no way other tokens have 33% odds…

got stupid shirts~

i foresee these shirts will join the plush puppies~

From $0.99


One of each offer, so like $27-30. At 11,899 shirts too.


It’s gambling don’t get mad when you luck out at $30 for an irrelevant toon. # not trying

Wow you must love your bucket

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They are 6* toons why are we spending money

I know it’s gambling, but as I see it I don’t smoke, drink, or buy things excessively so if I wanna spend $30-40 a month on this and it makes me happy I’ll do it lol.


Do u ever wondered y they start giving out op 6* like that? Literally with exhaust with doc 100% ap he’ll die turn 1 instantly

What I find funny is that it is well known, admitted and talked about a lot how they do stuff to abuse people with addictions, so they are using digital needles. Just like real junkies who get needles from their dealers.
[̲̅$̲̅(̲̅ ͡ಠ_ಠ)̲̅$̲̅]




how much?