Insert able values


Why can’t we insert the values we want? Why must we wait and scroll each number? I have over 30K replenishes, I dread of the thought of having to sit and scroll up to 20K if need be, and vise versa when getting rid of extra food.

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Cause scopely.


I’ve logged an enhancement to have this improved. Mentioned it in another thread that people were commenting on this issue.

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Step 1: Obtain Stylus
Step 2: Turn screen timeout to "off"
Step 3: Balance stylus precariously on phone and go and find something to do for 20 minutes
Step 4: Hope stylus doesn’t fall over or you don’t end up with so many selected to sell that the food is lost in out pitifully small storage capacity
Step 5: Repeat

Or I guess @CombatMan suggestion of a editable value could work… :wink:


Already mentioned in another thread, but weapon locking will be coming, and long-press multi-select for weapons will be in an upcoming update sooner than that as well.


Thank you for that, both are going to be awesome time savers. It’s very appreciated