Insane Russian teams invading regions

I am not one to cry about things. But I have some amazing teams and these Russian factions that have over run my region have got to be hackers. Insane almost unbeatable teams. Ridiculous

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Pics or it didnt happen


I agree with what you say. The best example of these hackers is just look at the top 100 players. No 1 already has 1.6 million trophies…

It could be genuine (unlikely) but when you notice it’s a Russian region you know something is fishy.

Every CRW it’s gauranteed that if your up against a Russian region your bound to meet a hacker in one of the faction. It just seems those guys are out to destroy this game


scopely wont do anything
my tip
if u can beat them…join then and get the benefits

We should have seen this coming when Red Dawn was released in theaters. It’s our own fault.


Either start cheating or find a new region scopely doesn’t care

that’s what rudy giuliani said.

This whole “youre crying” if you share your thoughts, opinions, concerns, ask questions, etc needs to stop. I see more people crting about people crying than i see people crying. It makes me think when those people pop up like do they work fpr scopely, do they know what real crying is, do they settle and be silent for everything in their life? Idk but those people are some of the wierdest imo and as for the russians, yea they get vk cheats like stun on blue weapons and cheaper coins, etc then they dominate in crw or come to the region you are in and get 10 mil in level up, etc just to screw any and everyones gaming experience over, fun stuff. If they did it to the top factions tho, im sure it would be taken care of fast since those people are the bread and butter of rts and if they are unhappy, scopely is nervous. No whale can keep up with a cheater so theyd stop buying and scopes would maybe finally take care of the issue. We can dream right lol

Excuse me, but how do I get one of these teams?

Do you recommend I call or just email Putin?


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But when I do cry, I naked cry.


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Isnt that hard

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