Ingame Account Security

It seems the game has a low level of security.

If someone have access to the ID and others things, he can get your account from the support easly.
So I see some manners to prevent that :

  • account creation on Internet (exemple : a Hive), then the ingame account will be linked to that account.
  • that account should have some security like : mobile identification or mail confirmation.
  • Delete the facebook useless link

Here we go

And why would someone have access to your ID?


Why aren’t we linking to email accounts like games like the simpsons do?

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yeah, outsourcing the account backup feature has never been a good look and has caused problems for many over the years. should have always been an internally sourced thing and not reliant on such an arbitrarily used platform as facebook. some people just don’t like facebook, and therefore have no solution to backup their game data. but :coffee::frog:

Agreed… The only time I ever would have our your id or login is it your having another log in for you, or if your having nefarious activities done, which at that point your choosing to trust someone whose main job is to break the rules, why not steal an acct?

Both which are against the tos. The acct codes for this game are not simple either. Don’t give l pole your stuff.


But coffee frog?

too lazy to track down the kermit/tea meme lol

Igotchoo homie


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