Indomitable II leaked

Gain 2 million defense each turn!


fills defense team with indomitable spirit just to see if it will screw someone over


12 million

Wonder if this has a similar bug to the one where a character is not dead? Shiva isn’t shielded so was obviously revived after Andrea shielded.

@Ladygeek, you logged this yet?

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and who would perform the revive?

Coulda been Carl’s weapon but I’ve also run into this uhm, error? If you knock all the shields down it usually goes away.


I hope you all had a good weekend and war, despite the early quirks :wink:

It’s not the first time I see the above screenshots, is that something easily reproducible and/or that happens regularly?

If so, could I please get additional context before passing it along for verification?

Many thanks!


It’s not easily reproducible and I had it repeatedly happen fighting the same player. Doesn’t seem to matter which shield is used as it happened between his yellow revive Tyreese and both
yellow Jesus shield & blue Magna sheild. I believe it was intentional.

No!CRW sucks.Most of the players cant even get 1 character.


I’ve got a bug to report too. Check inbox.

Could you please open a new thread to document it, or add it to an existing one?



What he said.

Admittedly, I was squinting at this on my phone and thought I saw Erika. Clearly not. However, the lack of shield is consistent with a character being revived after the shield has shielded and I can’t think of any other reason (other than bugs) why Shiva wouldn’t be shielded.

Thats indomitable 2, problably

Wow, i want 12mil def too!

So, one might say, it was easily reproducible?

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in a shell nut

Anything that wasn’t in the top 20 prizes in the crw was trash. Lower factions refused to participate and lots of others not motivated to play for little gain. War was just a straight up grind. You should have improved the milestones rewards instead of adding the 200k.

That’s indomitable 5647 not 2 lol

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