Indomitable Bug!

I was just doing an attack in war and suddenly his Tyreese started getting massive amounts of defense and his shield Jesus was not shielding him.


I dealt 74 damage with an Andrea rush with him having -70% def lol


Could of killed him a burn mod.


…and that’s not even his final form yet


It’s seems like you’ve encountered the new Tyreese variant, Megafrickertyreese


That’s awesome!

Looks like a rounding error to me

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executor, izi pizi

Nope, my basic attacks all dealt around 20 damage

I had red jerimiah decapped and dead round 1, round 3 he pops up out of nowhere, rushes ( does 0 damage) and then instantly dies again. It was super wierd. And on top of that no revives were alive at the time only a shield was left.
Other thing i keep seeing is it looks like blue chonne and bruce at times do 3 attacks but only damage for 2. Looks like hes on a speedball :joy:

That’s the new 7 star Tyreese.

How many percent of Shaggy’s power do you think this guy could use up? 2%?

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