Individual Transfers update

@kalishane, any update on the individual transfer system you said was being considered? I think a lot of regions badly need this option.


I hope it’s coming soon… there are a lot of regions that are dying, but still have a handful of players who love and are very passionate about the game. For me… starting over again is not an option. I have spent way to much money and time on obtaining the team I have. I can not see starting over again from ground zero. Please please open up region merging, even it’s a one shot deal for now. It’s a win win for everyone involved. Let those of us who want to continue playing and feeding the cash cow continue to do so… As of right now I’m pretty much f2p as there is no point in spending big coin when only six or so factions are really active in Bartow. There is almost no one left to recruit, and the game is getting stagnant with the same old same old every war. Bring in some fresh blood and let us play!!


This is what war looks like in a dead region. Even for real wars it’s about the same on the board. Most players don’t even have a chance to hit the milestones for war.


What region is that? Looks lame

Greene region. Many of the oldest regions are very similar.


Suffer a slow death.

So say we all.


Was first place 9-0???



Yes they were

I mean thats 9 hours out of 72. How exciting!

spoiler alert

it was a blitz




Love the summary function


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I am just adding to the wave of support for this post. Our region only has die-hard fans left that have invested time and money since the game began. We have 2 factions and the current state of level up is 24 people participating…

Please allow individuals to transfer their entire account, toons, gear and game status to an active region. Please!Screenshot_20180210-212035

What region?

Floyd Region. One of the original Regions from when the game started. Have spent and invested time and love the game but will not start again so really really holding on to hope of a merge or transfer one day.

Realistically should just merge these low pop regions together, it is done in pretty much any other multi server game after x-years of play.

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Ours is an original region from the beginning of the game but we are faring better.

We could still use new blood though we are losing people fast. The top 5 factions are doing most of the competing

Be careful what you wish for. I’m in Irwin (an original region)

I’m in Irwin as well and would love to port my Account from Troup over, either a merge of my two accounts or just let me bring my other account over and I can join my faction…