Increasing the 125 level cap


Are there any plans to increase the level cap past 125? Im nearing 125 and many have already hit 125.
Any response would be appreciated @kalishane. Thanks


I think they will increase with town hall lvl but I think it’s early


People rushed 125. We had 100 lvl for like one year and a half. Just chill.


plz@kalishane whats the point of having caps anyway?


Well they built a game where the main objective is farming so what would u expect?


Well thanks for being the first to bring this up. I agree we do need more levels, especially since the introduction of faction assault. Trying to bring in up 1350 tickets a day without cans ain’t easy. More levels equals faster farming for tickets. Please scopely help us out here, since you’ve now put a premium on farming! Do the right thing.

Everybody else, keep hitting this up. It took almost a year, but scopely raised the level cap to 125 finally. So if we start this now by spring or summer we can get some more levels.


How so?


It is so, because the faster times at higher levels equals to faster farming. At level 100, you get 68 points with a timer of 5:38 a point, at 116 you get 76 points with a timer of 5:17. The world points are great, but the decrease in the timer is more important. Faster refresh times allows us to farm faster