Increasing raid timer


It happens so often that I lose a raid cause of a time out. Its hard to kill an team with 2 lydias and 2 shields an other revives, without losing cause time out. There should be the whole time a timer in the raid, so you can see, how much time is left to defeat the enemy.


Ya cuz everyone wants to sit in an endless battle for 20 minutes, nope! If you can’t win in 5 min you don’t get to win.


Yeah we have certainly moved to a meta of time out teams… increasing Raid time will not be a solution to the problem


The main reason for raid time is so people dont sit in it. If you dont want to be in the raid just retreat im sick of losing to multiple sheild, guardian, revive teams with 1 toon left because i can fight a few seconds longer


they need to revamp on how the raid timer works.

What would help improve the issue is to do it based on rounds.

What I’m thinking is 25 rounds and a timer on each round of 5 mins to prevent idling to shield yourself from being raided.

This will help give adequate timing to form a strategy, check stats, etc. By the 26th round it would be a loss.

In most circumstances going beyond round 25, the player is stuck in a defense loop that they can not break.


I would like to see the timer during the whole raid though


So basically you could raid someone for two hours?


idea is just a concept.

If a player is dedicated to go that long for 6 to 32 rep, more power to them.

The round timer could be 3 mins as well.
Of course a timer would be shown to make this mechanic more effective.

Since ghosting is a thing and scopely is ok with it, I doubt there would be an issue with this too much.

round timer is added so it makes it harder for a player to ghost when their resources aren’t low.


Let’s think of a great exploit to shut this down… have my mini account start a raid against my faction in territories and hold it forever… would be even better if/when they open the 6* territories again


all they need to do is disable the one person at a time battling for the last team and it wouldn’t be much of an exploit.

First one to win takes the victory for that battle.

If the territory is claimed or go back to the walkers, there would be a similar message you would get in war, stating the war has already ended when the raid battle is completed.


I thought raid was 3 mins?.. Or is that just duels?


I just checked it out and timed a raid battle. It is indeed 3 mins.


For some reason I thought raid was 5 mins until I videod a duel and almost timed out and the timer showed 3 mins… #mythbusters high five


In war battles the timer is longer (probably to account for buffs from towers)


I agree 1000000% with this post. The timer does need increasing extensively


If u need more than 3 min you need a new set of training wheels


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