Increasing Older S Class Card rewards

An idea I had to try and make older S Class toons easier to achieve would be to increase the amount of their cards in the daily crate for each one added to it.
I just wouldn’t be sure as to how many would be added per toon, I was thinking 5-10 each card but more would be appreciated.
This idea probably wont get further than this I just had to get it out in the open.


Will it make any difference if they increase only 5-10 …

Per every other card added to the crates. So at this point youd get 200 pete cards from the energy one and 300 from the torches. As theres 17 other cards after Pete so 170 extra cards in each crate, 16 for priya so 160 and it goes from there per newer card.

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Sounds good but how does it make Scopes more money

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