Increases ALL bleed damage by 150...not

I was able to craft this weapon for my Raulito. It’s supposed to “increase ALL bleed damage by 150” but it doesn’t seem to apply to his leaderskill. It works on his AR and bleed mods though.

I sent a possible bug report already but we all know it may take some time to get a response. Just a warning for those who were thinking of trying the same thing. I would assume that this was just an oversight. Anyone else experience any other areas where ALL doesn’t mean ALL?

As I read it it should increase bleed with 150 when the enemy already have a bleed damage not when you cast it

It’s weapon based, you’re not also complaining, I have bleed mod on him, why isn’t that +150 as well, are you? Lead skill is a separate category, just as mods are.

I don’t know where do you see that, there isn’t any condition stated in this upgrade. It simply increases all bleed dmg by some value, from mods, weapons with special upgrades like Jiafeng and ARs.

Raulito’s leader skill is exceptional source of bleed damage, but seems like it should work with it too. Definitely need an answer from developers on that.

Also it doesn’t work with hemorrhage and i’m not sure if it should but thats another question for developers. @WalkerTexasRanger

It is written all bleed then even hemorrhages or they need to rewrite it.

The thing is that Bleed Mods are indeed affected by the increased 150. If Adrenaline Rush, Active Skills and Weapon Effects work with the increased +150 bleed damage then why not Leader Skills? It’s clearly not ONLY a weapon thing if it’s affected by other toon abilities.

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Thanks, I didn’t know it didn’t affect hemorrhage either. Good to know. :+1:

Pretty sure a Dev said on here long ago MODS Don’t Stack with White Shiva’s CLAW this weapon also has a bleed damage.
I would try and take off any bleed MODS your characters might be wearing if any and see if it works with Raulito.
(mods not the weapon to be clear).

Bleed Mods DO stack with weapon effects though. Just tried it with my Jiafeng and the +bleed damage is being applied correctly from her weapon and bleed mod (after laceration is calculated)

Raulito’s leaderskill is special since he’s the only one with it (for now) but the weapon description of “increases ALL bleed damage by 150” should definitely apply to it as well.

Reset :+1::+1:

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What happened here is applying 150 bleed to all sources.
During Shivas double attack AR:
1st attack does 200 bleed from mod (50+150) and 550 bleed from her claw weapon (400+150).
2nd attack doubles previous bleed because of Lacerator, making it 1500, hit again 200 from mod, 550 from weapon and at the end 650 bleed from her unleveled AR (500+150) making it 2900 bleed total.

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Weapon mods aren’t suppost to effect ars btw

Did you expect that just by holding this weapon, without hitting anyone, Raulito’s bleed was going to get increased by 150?

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I’m glad someone brought this up! I couldn’t agree more! Took me forever to get this effect only to have it be worthless as it don’t work like it should.

Since when? Her AR is 2 regular attacks of some increased attack value.

Yes, I know I did lol.

Weapons that proc that way have the wording ‘at the beginning of each wave’.

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In short, yes. There are many active skills that don’t physically hit anyone but applies bleed damage which do receive the +150 bleed benefit from the weapon effect. I don’t see how leader skills are much different.

They need a disclaimer on that cause when I read all bleed damage I do consider just in general all bleed damage including raulitos leaderskill. They should reword it to “increase attacking bleed damage by 150”

I learned my lesson and I know what the burn one does now as well lol

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To be fair, a lot of the new weapon effects could have better description or explanation of how it works.

Increase “all” bleed by 150 can be interpreted in many ways given how different certain mechanics are, similarly to the weapon effect that spreads one negative effect have not been clarified if it will apply to bleeds/burn/maim as those are also considered “negative effects.”