Increased rewards from basic territories?

Territories are pretty useless now except for crafting territories,level up territories and player xp territories. The elite item token territories are ok but they need to either give more or be more usefull. i suggest they increase the amount of tokens gained by 20x so
5* token territories go from 4–>80 per hour
Elite item territories go from 12—> 240 per hour
4* recruit token territories go from 6—>120 per hour (or turn these into something else because who uses 4s anymore)
weapon token territories go from 6–>120 per hour


They should’ve done more than that 3 years ago . But you know it’s scopley and they’re so busy counting money that they forget to maintain their full of bugs apps . Hope we see some real changes in the rewards system in the upcoming updates.


Hopefully they will start changing things dont have much of a use anymore

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