Increased faction size

I wonder if anyone knows if there is any idea behind why the limit of members in a faction is set to 30.

What would you say is an optimal size for a faction now that players will be able to move across regions?

I think that an increase might be really helpful in wars, maybe milestones will need revision then but overall the more the merrier… If you too would like to see an increase in faction size, or think that 30 is the sweet spot - please leave a comment!


Othet moble games I have played 50 was the standard. It would sure help during those times in war when sometimes people decide to start going AWOL.

I think 30 is enough for 1 faction. We need more active factions for war and other events, more competition!

From the beginning

I was waiting for evolution of factions

30 60 90

Expand by itself or form official allies

Support you

So for example, having an option in town hall or whatever suitable place: donate x amount of wood towards a total faction goal. After some xxxxxxxx of wood, one, two or three new slots will open for your faction. Another way is to have it as a Faction Assault reward, like killing last tier Negan three times awards an extra faction slot.
It can surely be setup in plenty of ways, would there be any downside to a crowded faction?

I wouldn’t mind seeing faction size expand to 45. It would make war much more reasonable.

35 would be ok imo. That could give you 3 8 hour shifts with a few back ups.

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30 is good for the current war caps. Otherwise you’d get complaints that factions can’t run more than one war at a time. And if you made that possible, you can bet that hacking and top factions would be 3-4x more effective


I disagree, I’d happily enjoy war needing less time.

I’d be fine with 36 but no more. Would be nice to not have to be full, but provide more breathing room for not needing to have players leave each time they are away. Could. Easily tolerate 2 or 3 absences.

Need it to be increased to 40 doesn’t mean you have to fill your faction full just be nice to have the option to…


6 teams of 8 for war

But have 6 “platoons” warring at the same time
(never head to head to avoid point farming)

No queues, no waiting on search just go time all weekend.

Every single faction event would be huge point gainers and competition would be more intense all around.

Regions are dying, players are quitting and your talking about increasing faction size???


We could use that :+1:t2:

  • Yes, as big, fun and stable factions are one of the main reasons for people to endure hard times and actually not quit.
  • Yes, as dying regions will pave the way for migration floods to regions/factions with good reputation.
  • Yes, because there are few arguments for sticking with the original 30 cap when the game has evolved.
  • Yes, because many already run one or two additional branches under the same flag, when one guild has several factions fighting in aow it can lead to feeding and other balance issues.
  • Yes, beacuse a dynamic faction size opens up for additional possibilities to progress in the game and for developers to fill that need with valuable content.
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Your dreaming if you think increasing faction sizes is the solution. The main reason I’ve heard of people quitting is the game is boring with the repetition of the same few events. A sentiment I totally agree with.

The events are boring and the rewards even worse, yes… This thread is not about providing a “solution” to all of the problems in twd:rts, but rather to discuss if 30 players is the optimal size for a faction in this game, post region migrations.

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