Increased chances?



Well, 1% is better than the .4% we have from the stash. That technically is increased chances. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It’s a word play. Meaning if you are lucky to get that 1% you have a better chance to get the promo character instead of another one.


Didn’t work in my favor, I did a ten pull for Erika in my Chattahoochee region all 4* and a 5* green Morgan. Back to saving up. :frowning:


Also counts as increased chances because the 5* and 6* are available


All that “increased chances” means is that of that 1% chance you can get a 6*, there is an increased chance of it being the premier toon over the other 6*s in the pool.


Gonna have to disagree. It says “a select ascendable”, not necessarily the premier and if it has the word chance it should state what those chances are and the only published chances are the ones to go by.


Anyone else think that, rather than just the relevant character levels (4★, 5★, 6★) it should state the chance at the specific advertised characters?


I guess I got lucky


did a 10 pull and got LE Negan and 6 star Madison



I’d like 6* Rosita.
She’s cool.

That’s a good 10 pull.


My point is that it is not increasing the 1% chance. You still have 1% chance at a 6*. The increased chance is at 1 6* or several differenr 6*s over another.


If you don’t have Erika then Rosita is not bad at all. I pulled her from a box a week or so ago. She’s fantastic. Don’t know why she got so much hate when she was released. There are very few 6-star healers and pretty sure there are no f2p ranged ones either. I managed to get stun on her. Worth the mats although I do hate bound weapons.


The odds on this wheel are terrible. I did 4 big pulls, i got 1 erika, no madison. Wanted both, thought i would get them after spending so much


Got her from big pull

Also got erika on a ten pull…forgot to ss tho


Shane is f2p.


He’s as f2p as Eugene is and by that I mean not at all. He’s not ascendable from a 4 star and he’s not on any wheels. You had to win or pull for him. Plus he’s the worst 6-star.


He can’t come from a wheel?
Could’ve sworn he was on the elite character wheel.


Just checked he’s not. He’s a fake f2p just like Knoxx is on the new ascendable list. It’s a cheap way to pretend like they are making legacy 5 stars ascendable but just disguising another premiere recruit or crappy stash. Then you got more like Rose and OG Dwight. Next to impossible to pull if you don’t already have them. One’s prestige and the other is on elite characters. More bs.


How about they get rid of the 4★’s in that wheel