Increase war participation with new war depot


There is a way to increase participation in war, start by getting rid of the war crates and replace it with war bucks that can be redeemed in the war depot. The higher ur points in that mach the more war bucks u get that u could redeem for items , wepons or even chars. This will increase participation in war and yes spending, ppl will coin to instabuild more. It’s a win win for all parties… As long the rewards in war depot are worth it.


Agree, very boring doing wars and raids, same teams over and over again.


Thats not iiiit. Lol
People want better rewards. The comeback of toons. Want different rewards mix it up scopes.


And what would the depot include, exactly? My guess would be the same thing you get from a war crate but it would give you a little more control of what you want. Would buy the hell out of supply markers and Elite Character tokens if that was the case.


Quality Idea like this


This same thing was mentioned by the idea of @Lockdown months ago and just like I said then scopely is not someone who updates as regular as they should with anything in the game so am a no on this one.


Really wouldn’t matter if I can’t get the account back now would it


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