Increase tire drop from raids

We’ve made the same request during eugene’s roses event. Yeah it was different since scopes changed the proportions not the quantity but I still decided to give it a try. Please increase the drop quantities for tires during faction raid tournament






stop asking for this. the toons for 10k are free, the disarm and decapitate are not. we must deal with it. im disapointed with the lack of information on what part of event is free to finish. people wouldnt riot so much on the forum if it would be known.


Why would people stop asking for this? As its never been addressed by the community managers.


More raids = more tires
More tires per raid = even more raids

3 tires is pretty low. i dont even see the random 100 tires like other raid rewards. the highest i have seen is 10, jeesh !


Yeah i give up, can’t spend this much time/coins to even participate. I hope y’all will enjoy the results of this event. I honestly can’t take all those time out teams giving me 3 tires

Agreed with thread and please put back crates with keys

Most in my region agreed to drop teams to farm for tires. It is ridculous to raid so much for 3 tires or a max of 10.


From anyone else Id assume sarcasm.
I honestly am starting to believe you are mgmt @ Scopes.

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Of course you know jb and gr went home for the weekend and made sure to avoid this thread so im gonna guess a strong no is the answer here. Jb addressed just about everything weve been on about all week on another thread however he avoided the tire drop increasr thread and the more info about this transfer event.

We’ve got hard elite in our region, type of guys that will coin to revive toons on territories. They are not lowering and they are 9/10 raid matchups for everyone

pls increase it scopely

oh ok. that sucks.

What happened to your icon :joy::joy::joy:

Side note: they are not increasing tire drops because people WILL spend a few bucks for tires at the end.

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