Increase the level of the player please scipely


Increase the level of the player
You give away so much XP, and for those who reached level 125 it all passes by… We also want to develop, also go through the same stages of the game as the other, with a lower level, players… Pay attention to the old players!!!..


Dear Skopeli!
Can you hear us?..


this is acctually a great idea. even if the level rewards were like 100k food i be happy. raise it to level 200 please


Yrs we NEED to increase player level to 150-200 its A LOT OF XD WASTED. @JB.Scopely


You mean scipley (can anyone get @IronandWine ‘s gif for this?)


skopeli :crazy_face:


Please be patient guys, its been taken to the team almost a year ago so we should have it very soon™


Lol I was thinking of starting same thread havent seen in a while. I I’ve been 125 a while and lots of my faction mates are getting there. Its frustrating


@JB.Scopely any word on this


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