Increase the amount of daily videos

another games give the coins, gems, etc free. just for login
Change from 50 to 100 or at least 80.


I’ll take 50 for starters, still only getting 30


50? Only get 30 here…

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what happens when you get to 30, I just reset ad id and then get to 50 and a message pops up saying I have reached my limit

I believe that move is frowned upon by either Scopely or Tapjoy, I’m not losing them all when Scopes can just boost me another 20

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it stops them paying out on there other offers but they never paid out anyway :joy::joy:


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Increasing to 1 from 0 would be infinitely better quite literally for a huge amount of the player base.

The amount of ads you can watch is likely set by tapjoy and the advertisers not scopely

They have an element of control as per the last update’s fix

fake, you can keep watching more videos but at 50, you dont receive a reward

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I remember some days binge watching netflix and gaining 3k coins watching videos

I dont remember when the last time i got 30 :slight_smile:

Why would anybody want to watch so much videos?

Do the math:
1 big pull costs 8,200 coins.
8,250 coins cost 88.68€ incl. tax on Amazon.
88.68€ are equal to 8,868 Amazon coins
8,868 Amazon coins cost 70.94 €

You need to watch 2700+ videos per big pull,
in other words you are payed 2.6 ct per video.

What a waste of time.

I still can’t watch any :safety_pin:

Some people dont wastw money in a game, but invest time

that’s impossible. Time IS money

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Thats absurd dude, a 30 fkng minutes doing a sh it dont give you money