Increase player level in upcoming update plz

i am at player lvl 148 close to reach next lvl and lots of people already reached lvl 150 so plz increase player level to 175 or may be 200, thx


It’s going to be a good while before this happens.

I’m sure they have plans for increasing the cap but it’s most likely at the bottom of the prioty list of projects for the team to do. Especially when hordes event is coming very soon around the corner.

The team will have their hands full for a while making tweaks and fixing bugs that arise from this mode.

If anything, it would be nice if they implemented an update to bank or keep track of all excess xp beyond the current level cap.

So when they actually do implement the cap increase, no xp is wasted or lost because of being stuck at the current cap for so long.


They cant even deliver the things they say they do in an “update” let alone increase the level cap again


What did they not deliver on In the update? They only partial released this current update. Any missing features will be implemented in the full release at the end of this month like stated already.


Yea they say a lot of things, i will believe it when i see it, they have “fixed” territory crashing twice now with it being fixed in patch notes but its still not fixed, they have said they fixed toons getting big on screen sometimes which still happens, etc. When it is fully implemented and everything they say is there, then ok but till then grain of salt

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sorry !!! what

This needs to never be fixed. Giant toons rule! :heart_eyes:


I love the giant toon. I would love having an option like bond to have huge heads for toons😆


Alright my friend. I beat the drum hard for lvl 125 cap increase and level 150 increase. Ever level cap increase we got took about a year. So beating the drum now is a bit premature. Start beating the drum in the fall and heavily. If Scopely does follow the trend set we should see another level cap increase around November. This is based off past history. October 24 was the last one.
I like leveling, though this round I’m taking my time instead of bum rushing. (Average level 142.68)

Yes lol i like it also, just saying they say things are fixed when clearly they arnt. I also liked when toons would turn around and face the wrong direction lol


Lol, forgot about that. I do miss that. They should bring that “feature” back too. :laughing:


Hi. Iam f2p lvl 126. It seems that every time Iam close to max lvl they increase it. No worries by the time I will be lvl 150 there will be max cap on 300

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Ahahahha, that was a good one indeed! :laughing:

i would prefer if they start fixing game.
-fix scavenger camp
-add multiple buy option for league store
-fix prestige wheel and remove helper and basic tokens
-make trainers stack in rooster
-bring back museum gear events
-expand our city/base and story mode
-increase chance for those diamond ear rings from faction assault cause Tara is quite outdated and might help new comers

Maybe give gear for the level up rewards instead of crafting materials!!! I am loaded to the max with all that stuff!! This would fix all the gear whiners we have out here!!

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They so need to do this. They won’t. It’s scipley.

Why remove them? Just make the wheels better.

Not sure what a trainer rooster :rooster: does but it sounds awesome! :grin:

But they should stack. They can’t be leveled it seems like their sole purpose is to clog our rosters. I’m talking about you 62 Ulysses.

Just how long is that last part of the town going to stay closed off? :rofl:

I have been sitting on 5/6 for almost a year now. I’ve given up all hope for her. I also still need flares and I lost count of how many FA’s I’ve been in. RNG my butt.

Nice list. :+1:

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Good news.

Player level increase is coming in the year end update.

Which year?

Better to ask which calendar.

Pretty sure they use the Mayan Calendar.

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So by the end of this baktun? Sweet, can’t wait

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