Increase mod space

Ridiculous that the limit is 1000, needs to be double, or least remove the stupid warning every time when it doesn’t even drop mods.

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You will always get the mods even if you passes 1000 mods
They are given as rewards not drops and rewards is never rejected.

Bit yes i agree should be function to drop this annoying popup

Right, so what’s the point of having a limit if there’s no consequence at all to being over the limit?

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So any small things make a massive difference, like having a max sell for items or at lease increase storage to enable you not have to constantly sell after 5 or 6 2star fodder. It’s clear that PU is dead and scopley back to usual not giving a shit.

Well bronze mods… what’s point in hoarding them.

Sell mods that don’t use on any toons.

Work out what mods have that work on teams got and possible replacements… then sell rest.

See little benefit to having so many that don’t need

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