Incorrect weapon proc


Been having an issue where, when I attack an enemy with a status effect(absolute defense) it will pop up as impaired. It has happened with different combos also, like hitting someone with an impair on defense rifle and it causes -30 ap.

  • at the 18 second you can also see Carls ap boost skill not working(another concern of mine)
  • at the 47 second you see Teresa hit ben and the impair status procs
  • at the 1:06 teresa hits SR zeek (who is stunned, also wielding ap down stick) and it pops up absolute defence, despite still gaining ap

The first video was made today, and i have the most recent version of the game downloaded. The second video was made before the 6* stat boost. These two examples show teresa but its happened to other toons also. It looks like its only a visual error (shes already impaired when the impair procs in the first video) but i have lost ap when attacking someone with an absolute defense weapon.

@CombatDevIl It would be awsome if you could look into this for me please

Bug - ap gain actives

I will take a look :wink:


Carl issue just found, thanks, we will fix that. About the wrong weapon call outs, me and @CombatMan are still investigating. Thanks for bring that to our attention.


Reproduced the weapon effect callout issue. The correct weapon effect does trigger at that time, though. Nothing actually went wrong with the combat, just a visual issue related to characters that attack multiple times with their AR. A bug is logged and will be dealt with in a future release.

And thanks for the videos. Helped identify the problem